Monthly Archives: September 2014

Update here for new visitors (and everyone!)

I’ve decided to add new tabs in the main page of the website — one for practitioners, one for parents, one for “special groups,” and one for donations. The contents in these tabs will provide explanations for each of the subheadings noted. (I say will because the contents are presently under construction.)

Also, a note to new visitors, this website is still under construction — a note about this blog specifically: much of the content herein is for adults unless specified otherwise (and this includes some of the language and visual contents). For example, the “Vintage Prosey Project” features entries from my personal blog that address questions that have been posed to me, and suggested topics to write about, dating back to before WSE’s inception. These are, overall, educational entries…but are presented (typically) in a rather irreverent way, while still addressing various subjects and questions. If you happen across an entry that has the “Vintage Prosey Project” heading, be forewarned, some of the content can be indelicate (to put it very mildly).

Beyond that, the status of Weird Sex Ed, Inc., is “moving forward.” WSE is officially a nonprofit organization now, with all necessary paperwork completed, and I am presently looking through available grants for future funding. When there is a bit of funding to do so, WSE will be filing with the IRS to become tax-exempt. With that in mind, when the “Donate” tab is open and fully active, bear in mind that any donations are not yet tax deductible until such time as the paperwork for tax-exempt status is submitted and approved. I will update when that happens.

That about covers current status of WSE for now.

Happy Hump Day!