Monthly Archives: May 2016

In the process of relocating


Hi there!

I haven’t been as active here as I would like to be, but hopefully that will be changing over the next few months. The two main reasons for my low-level activity here are (1) I’ve been in school full-time, so I have had to place heavier emphasis on my studies than time spent updating here, and (2) Weird Sex Ed, Inc., is in the process of relocating.

No, WSE isn’t leaving Georgia entirely. The business is (and will remain) incorporated in Cumming, GA (lol) – so the correspondence address and telephone number will both remain the same. Just the headquarters (administrative office) is relocating to Oregon over the summer. After my family has settled into our new place, and after I have had an opportunity to file the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State office in Oregon, I’ll provide the additional information.

Until then, watch for updates and variety posts over in WSE’s Facebook page!