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Support the #WrapItUp Fundraising Campaign

Good morning!

As we enter into October, WSE has officially received acknowledgment from the state of Oregon to operate the business here (YAY)!

As a way of both celebrating this, and with the cooler weather on its way, I’m officially starting a small fundraiser. Presently the only items are coffee mugs and hoodies – but I will be adding more items (and I will post images here as I make those updates). The purpose of this fundraiser is to pay for continuing research, and toward efforts to create printed resources for physicians’ offices toward continued awareness raising about barrier prevention methods.

So, the coffee mug…


You can find first (very basic) coffee mug here. I will be adding more designs and colors in the coming days and weeks.

As for the hoodies…


You can find the hoodies here. The hoodies come in sizes S – 5X, and there are currently eight colors available. As with the mugs, I will be working with more designs and styles and colors.

For now, though, I’m working with my Twitter handle and a few very basic hashtags for this particular effort. I’m also welcoming input on preference of hashtags and/or designs.

Also, I’m contemplating having a contest for the best design suggestion – and the prize for whoever wins that would get one or two…maybe even three…items with their design, courtesy of WSE. Watch for more information about that in the coming weeks.

As always, you can choose Weird Sex Ed, Inc. as your charity of choice for anything you order from AmazonSmile — most funds raised here will go toward the “Backseat Drivers in Lovers Lane” project. (You can go directly HERE to choose Weird Sex Ed!)

Keep checking back here, as I will be updating this page as more products and such are added!

Dr. Weirdz