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What to Expect from Weird Sex Ed in 2018 – for PARENTS

As I wind down to the very end of my academic pursuits and (mis)adventures, I’m preparing to dedicate my focus entirely to Weird Sex Ed again. I’ve honed the knowledge I’ve gained, and am distilling it to help pull away some of the more technical and hard-hitting academic aspects of it, and am preparing to redirect the energy I’ve dedicated to the past twenty years of research (personal, academic, and professional) to sharing the knowledge with others. Of course, I am continuing my research (I’ll probably never stop actively researching different perspectives of sex education), but my dedicated focus from here on out is getting the information out to YOU.

Weird Sex Ed has always ultimately been about sex education for PARENTS…from the earliest stages of parenthood, and it needs to begin yesterday.

Watch this space! Dr. Weirdz will soon be IN THE HOUSE AGAIN!