Monthly Archives: July 2018

World of Sex Education

Happy Saturday!

As you can see, if you came from the main landing page, our business name has changed slightly. WSE is still WSE, except now it’s World of Sex Education. The primary goals of the company are the same with a few minor updates. There are a few more changes coming to this page, and I will be getting more active here in the coming weeks and months as we shift from the planning/modifying stage to the active stage. It’s been a long time coming…and there are still a few more things that need to be in place before I really dive in to this space full-time (which is the goal, and I’m excited about that…I’m so ready to dedicate all of my focus to WSE!).

The writing of Sex & Parents: 150 Years of Sex Education in the United States is in progress, despite a few setbacks over the past couple of months. So that is something you can expect to read more about in the coming months. There are also currently plans to make available to you, gentle reader, some other items that delve into areas of interest within the enormous world of sex education.

For now, here’s to a wonderful weekend!
Dr. Weirdz