Monthly Archives: April 2022

Placeholder For A Bit

Tree of Life by artist Coco Milla

It’s been a minute. And it will be a bit more before I’m back all the way. (I’ve never left, to be clear.)

I thought it’d be sooner than this. I really did. I expected to be finished with 150 Years, that it’d be published and I’d have a TED Talk under my belt or something equally aspirational/inspirational. I expected a lot out of the past four years that haven’t happened, and honestly…I don’t if those expectations are realistic or even possible for me at this point.

But…and I hope you knew there was a but coming…I’m not out of this. My goals for WSE from 2018 and earlier might not be quite doable now as they were then. I’m not convinced that they were doable then, but that’s a separate blog entry.

Presently, I’m looking at how I can go about the original goals today, making adjustments that hopefully make sense today instead of trying to force ideas from yesteryear. To that end, I’m going to be revisiting WSE’s Articles and declared business aims.

For transparency reasons, I will state publicly that I’m considering shifting the business aims and NPO status, but no firm decision has been made at this time. Especially with the pandemic and how much has shifted (necessarily) during such international and domestic social upheaval.

There are a lot of thoughts, but no decisions. I just wanted to ensure that I updated publicly what’s going on, and that I’m still here.