Initial Survey Results

In my initial reader poll, I asked a few very basic questions — and this entry is dedicated to sharing the results of the poll, as answered by readers.

1. Do you believe female teens are in denial about potential to contract an STI?

100% of you said Yes.

2. Do you believe female teen access to condoms is a concern?

87.5% of you said Yes, while 12.5% said No.

3. Do you believe peer pressure or partner pressure plays a role in condom use or lack of condom use?

100% of you said Yes.

4. Do you believe oral sex is “real” sex?

100% of you said Yes.

5. Do you believe female teens know how to use condoms?

25% of you said Yes, while 75% said No.

6. Do you believe that school-based sex education that female teens receive is adequate or inadequate?

12.5% of you said Adequate, while 87.5% said Inadequate.

7. Do you think that parents are in denial about STI contraction across the female teen population?

100% of you said Yes.

8. Do you think that the subject of STIs is taboo to parents of female teens?

87.5% of you said Yes, while 12.5% said No.

9. Are there any other contributing factors you believe contribute to STI contraction by female teens?

This was a free-form question, and the answers were across-the-board. From culture, religion, politics, and geographic location; to rape and lack of information; to concern about reputation and general lack of self esteem; to pointing out ignorance of male teens; to a perception that if female teens use the pill they don’t connect contraception with STI prevention…connected with the difference in educational practices between teaching about birth control versus safe sex practices.

Responses came from students, parents, grandparents, health care professionals, educators…from all across the country.

First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this initial survey.

In my next entry, I will explain why I asked those specific questions, how they connect with each other, and how your answers connected with the larger realm of my research.


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