Vintage Prosey Project: 2014 Prioritization — 9/12/12

Updating the blog here to pull old entries from the pros/e/yes archives…in their original order. This project is simply a unification of my personal blog (with a LOT of NSFW entries) and my professional blog.

Speaking of Bounce…(back to some funny)

Yeah yeah, today’s earlier entry is actually serious, and doesn’t follow my agenda for providing (hopefully) useful information about some area of sexuality. I guess boobs qualify, but next time I actually go to write about breasts, I’ll try to focus on offering information that might be useful to someone.

Right the moment, though, with some of the more amusing responses to the previous blog entry, my thoughts are back on the Bounce Factor…which in this thought, really isn’t about Teh Boobz … rather, it’s about the Over-the-Shoulder-Boulder-Holder, and something that happened to me a few years ago.

I had to dig into the archives of one of my old journals…and holy moly I did NOT realize this “something” happened 4.5 years ago. Wow how time flies.

Anyway…I’m not going to share the whole post, since the first half isn’t about boobs at all…I’m just going to share the last bit:

“…The other “Adventure in Grocery Shopping” happened the day René returned this last time from overseas. This was a Friday, and I was in a wicked hurry. I had a schedule to keep and a lot of stops on my agenda…the last place I wanted to go was to the grocery…but I had to. Meh.

Anyway, I was dressed in khaki slacks and a form-fitting blouse…really, I didn’t even think about what I was wearing (I rarely do), and I guess I was in enough of a hurry that I didn’t notice what a couple of others did. I was so tunnel-vision focused, that when I entered the store, I was only vaguely aware that I’d passed an exiting customer. As I pulled my cart out of the holding area, a woman who’d entered the store just after me made a strange comment about the man I’d just passed, “Did you see the way he just looked at you?” I looked at her and paused…then my clueless reply, “Who?”

She gestured to the door and said that the man I passed when entering the store had done a full turn-about and I guess was ogling or something. I told the woman I had no idea. She approached me and whispered conspiratorially that he was staring at my boobs, because they were “very bouncy”. I *blinked* and bit back the ready sarcastic comment about well, that’s what boobs do sometimes…she proceeded to inform me that she’d noticed it watching me walk across the parking lot, and that well, I have a lovely form and all, but that, *ahem* *stammer*, I’m sorta…”bouncy”. *blinks twice* She then proceeded to tell me that “You know, I have that problem as well, and that Walmart sells support bras that aren’t like sports bras and that they really help to curb that bounce…” 

I didn’t really know *what* to say. This was a first for me. What does Miss Manners have to say about bouncing boobage?!?! Much less when a middle aged woman approaches you and informs you that your…*cough*…endowment is a little too Tiggerish…?!?!?! I thanked her for the suggestion…I knew my face musta been about 17 shades of crimson…and walked away, extremely self-conscious. When I got back to the car and was en route to my next stop on the agenda, I finally just burst out laughing. I’ll be goddamned if I’m gonna buy *any* lingerie at Wally World. XD I like my VS products, thankyouverymuch…and if I *bounce* a bit, so be it. 


Anyway…there’s my randomness thoughts for the day. 

Happy bouncing!”


Some other time, I’ll share the story of the day I was walking through the children’s section of Wally World, and the arch stereotypical redneck dude passed by me and said, “Nice rack!” ~ and what my reaction to that was. *smh & laughing*



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