Vintage Prosey Project: 2014 Prioritization — 10/3/12

Updating the blog here to pull old entries from the pros/e/yes archives…in their original order. This project is simply a unification of my personal blog (with a LOT of NSFW entries) and my professional blog.

Happy Hump Day ~ Mixed Bag(ish)

Today’s a mixed bag, of sorts, because my PruthPetals Westheimer hat is at the cleaners right now, and I’m not much feeling like pulling a schmexytime topic outta my ass. There are a couple of things that have been bouncing around my head, but none of those ideas have settled at this point. Oh well. So rather than bore you with those ideas, I’d just write a mixed bag entry…bits of which actually do fit into a Hump Day entry, but mostly just some thoughts that floating.

Several of the past few Hump Day entries have had something to do with boobage, in some form or fashion, and I realized that I shied away from a topic that I care about with respect to breasts…and men. The topic crossed my mind, but for whatever reason, I stopped short of writing my thoughts out. Typically, when we think about men and breasts, one of two things comes to mind. One of those things is man-boobs. The other is how much most (straight) men like all-things-boobage. We rarely connect men and boobs in a more impersonal, yet very personal way…such as the matter of men and breast cancer.

Women are given instructions on how to self-examine our breasts regularly…and men are often left out of that equation, because we just don’t really give it a lot of thought. Here in this blog, I’ve mentioned the importance of men and regular testicular examination…but in all my blather about these topics, I neglected the importance of male breast examination. Especially if there is a family history of breast cancer. There is no good excuse for my failure to address this, no matter how much I’ve shredded all of my pink ribbons and redirected funding from SGK to PPFA…that is not an adequate reason for anything.

To Men: Regardless of whether there exists a history of breast cancer in your family (especially if there is, but familial history is not necessarily an indicator), regular self breast exams are important for you, too. Seriously. I joke around about a lot of shit, but this is not a joke. Even granting that breast cancer in men is rare when compared with women, for men who experience it, the prognosis is approximately the same as for women, IF it is caught in time. Much depends on type and how far the tumor/s are in progression. However, the numbers may be on the rise, and part of the suspected reason has to do with timely detection.

Self-breast exams for men are the same as for women. One difference for many women of childbearing years is that we have a built-in calendar that reminds us of the when…since we’re encouraged to self-examine the week following our periods. But you men don’t have those things any more than post-menopausal women do, so it might be helpful to just set one day out of the month…decide on a day, like say, the 15th of each month…to block off 10 minutes or so to touching your own boobs.

The how is really easy, and it is the same for men as for women…this brief tutorial is geared toward women, of course…but the method is the same for men. From areola to armpit. If you’re partnered, have your partner check you out…check each other out…make it part of your schmexytime if touching during nonsexual moments feels awkward. Self-exams are crucial, of course…but for those of us who love our men, this is one way we can demonstrate that love outside of presents and nookie.


Outside of that, I have a few other things that are on my mind…but I’ll return this afternoon for a part 2.


And I’m back…most errands are done. Just picking up the eldest from work and routine Wednesday night chores in preparation for Thursday (which is always a blast…) ~

~ the reason this is a mixed bag day is less to do with discussing a schmexytime topic than it is to do with my disgust with people who are SO self-involved that they think that everything near them and around them (or even said near or around them…even if it has nothing to DO with them) somehow must be made to somehow *connect* with them.

This thought actually has multi-focus, since there is not one singular individual this is directed to. Seems lately, there are quite a few wannabe narcissists who seem to think that anything I, my husband, my friend or her husband say or do…or don’t say or don’t do somehow has to be explained or justified to them. As though there is any obligation to them for those things…as though we are somehow personally accountable to them.

Newsflash to you twatwaffles: You are NOT the center of the universe. You and your issues are not the focus of anyone else’s life but YOURS. NOBODY answers to YOU for YOUR shit. Take that personal perception that you are turning into projection…and turn the fucking mirror back on yourself. Chances are, if everyone else has indicated that your behavior warrants certain responses, and you’re not getting any different response from people like me, my husband or my friend and her husband (and anyone else for that matter) — you know, people who like and care about you, or at the very least respect you professionally…then chances are, the place you’re gonna find the problem is in that mirror. Yeah, and if that wasn’t clear enough…it means the problem is probably YOU.


There, now I feel better.

Happy Hump Day! 

Lots of x’s & o’s!


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