Vintage Prosey Project: 2014 Prioritization — 11/28/12

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Dr. PruthPetals Westheimer’s Hump Day Special: Parents, Children, and Sex Education

Alrighty then! Time for the Hump Day entry. I’ve sorta struggled over the last couple of days — what to write about today. I decided to let the fates decide for me…and asked myself what the past week’s theme seems to have been.

Absurdity ruled the past week…and…parenthood. In variety ways, parenthood and absurdity (which so often go together) made their mark in my thoughts and thought processes. So I figured…why not work with that?

I’ll start with my own demon…the youngest one. In a couple of days, my youngest demon will be 3.5 years old. Cognitively, he’s extremely advanced…knowing letters and numbers and small words he can identify and spell easily. He’s also learning multiple languages, which he’s absorbing like a sponge. Our main frustration is that he doesn’t want to go potty in the toilet (grrrr)…but that is a different type of frustration, and it will pass.

In a more basic realm…(and this will make his Daddy & his Opa SOOO proud), the youngest is definitely a little boob man. He is positively obsessed with nipples. *blink* Yes, I am serious. More specifically, he’s obsessed with my nipples…which is annoying as all hell, let me tell you. My immediate gut reaction is to want to slap his hand away and say NO, DON’T TOUCH…but I consciously remind myself that to do that would potentially create shame response to body recognition. Part of my job, as a parent, is to teach boundaries…what is and is not appropriate. He’s three…he doesn’t understand boundaries…so he doesn’t yet understand, “Please don’t do that, it makes Mommy very uncomfortable,” ~ verbal negotiation isn’t really appropriate with a 3-year-old. And…he thinks it’s funny. What’s worse, his Daddy thinks it’s hilarious.

So…I work an in-between approach. I remove his hand, and gently tell him no, that Mommy doesn’t like that. I strive toward gentle education that is age appropriate…and he is old enough to differentiate between “boobs equals girls” and “no boobs equals boys”…and that is enough for now. Which got me to thinking…

…sex education is my “area”…it’s my focus and passion in my own research. Granted, my research focus is female teenagers, one theme that surfaced in my data analysis was parental understanding that kids aren’t getting the education that they so desperately need. This theme is supported in the literature, also. Parents seem to know that their kids aren’t learning what they need to in public school sex education, and at the same time, they’re not getting the information that they need from home. There are several reasons for this lack…and I’ve been contemplating starting a consulting business FOR parents … specifically related to sex education.

There are consulting firms here that work with middle and high schools…and they receive a good deal of state funding, since Georgia is a state that accepts Title V funding (which supports abstinence-based and AOUM education). Abstinence-based and AOUM education is NON-education, come to it…and the rise in unplanned teen pregnancy and STI transmission across the teenage population underscores the failure of abstinence education. There is a definite need for something better…yet parents (voters) seem terrified of comprehensive sex education, for fear of “giving their kids ideas”…and at the same time, also know their kids NEED proper education.

I’ve long likened sex ed to driver’s ed. Parents are understandably terrified of their kids learning to drive, AND want to ensure that their kids get all the information they need before getting behind the wheel. To my mind, sex ed is NO different. And…sex ed needs to start far earlier than 5th grade “birds & bees” videos. So …an idea has been brewing in my thoughts. I’ve contemplated starting a small business before…related to 3rd Party Reproduction…but I never acted on that idea, because that need is one that is filled in several local clinics and consultancy businesses dedicated to infertility treatment and options. So I shelved the idea. But this idea for a parental sex ed consultancy business is one that has been nagging at my thoughts for a few weeks…

…I can’t directly focus on it right the moment because I’m finishing up the last parts of my terminal degree, but after the New Year…? Hmmmmm.

Anyway, enough of this for now. I have reading to do… 🙂

Happy Hump Day!


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