Vintage Prosey Project: 2014 Prioritization — 1/2/13

Updating the blog here to pull old entries from the pros/e/yes archives…in their original order. This project is simply a unification of my personal blog (with a LOT of NSFW entries) and my professional blog.

First Hump Day of the New Year

Where to begin?

What with yesterday being a holiday…and the local paper not getting delivered til today…I didn’t have a proper BFBTR…and wouldn’t have anyway, given the mimosa happies I was more than content to focus on. Today, however, looking at the local paper, with splashy letters on the front page reading, “Revisiting last year’s top stories 2012 YEAR IN REVIEW“…then turning to page 2 and the first thing that jumps out is the article title, “Scammers con octogenarians out of thousands,” ~ yeah, I knew right away it was going to be a fun read.

So for my local paper’s “2012 Year in Review” — here are a few of the more entertaining headlines:

  • ‘Grinch’ damages decorations (Erm, what?!)
  • Cameras v. government: Activist makes mark (Cumming made national with this one)
  • Forsyth approves Sunday alcohol sales (that actually is one that brings a smile)
  • Journey Christian Church renews passion for Roswell (irony in a Cumming paper)
  • Downtown Cumming begins to take shape (*cough*)

All kinds of awesomesauce. There were other “headlines”…but for a local paper, those were the basic highlights. And to be fair to the Roswell thing…it’s not technically *just* the Cumming paper…it is the Forsyth County paper…but see, Roswell is in Fulton County…so why is anything out of Roswell considered newsworthy (particularly in a “Year in Review” sense) in a Forsyth County paper?! *shrug* Whatever. I guess that is just one of my little persnickety opinions that are completely irrelevant outside of my own head.


was going to revisit a few thoughts from the other day in today’s entry, but I’m continuing to hold off for now. Today is Hump Day, after all…and I’m in no mood to delve very seriously right now into those thoughts. I’m in a mostly decent mood, though not at my usual level of Hump Day Absurdity.

My only real thought today that formally makes this entry a Hump Day entry is this:

I don’t care who you are… I don’t care your gender… You do not, under any circumstances, have any right or authority to demand what another person puts into his or her body, and especially not in terms of hormonal treatment/therapy. You just don’t.

Yes, that is a very directed statement, with a very specific situation in mind…but it really is a broader statement than where my thoughts happen to be directing it. In a more general way, it’s directed at primarily the Republican side of the political house with their “Father Knows Best” paternalistic bullshit mentality of telling women that they “know” and/or “understand” what women endure, since they happen to know a lot of women…and because they, in their infinite wisdom, have “authority” to dictate and domineer, they continue to pursue their War On Women, regardless of what went down in the November elections. To any and all of them, the two words that immediately spring to mind are: Fuck You.

And with that…Happy Hump Day!


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