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Hump Day Special: From Sex to Murder

Mornin’. Today’s entry is disjointed, thought-wise, admittedly…because I am still angry about what I’m writing about. There is a very specific reason I choose to focus primarily on STI prevention in the female teen population. It is a singular topic that I can wrap my focus around…and while it connects with other facets of sexuality realities in the United States, it is a stand-alone topic that I opt to direct my attention toward most of the time. Today…? Meh.
Sex and Violence…from Annalee Newitz via io9
No, there will be no Dorner discussion in this space today. I had my share of interaction on that topic for now, and will be waiting for more current information to surface before I revisit that topic. However, if anyone is really feeling awesome about actions taken by various police forces yesterday (and I had a family member cite exigent circumstances as justification), then I’ll just put a small reminder out there. None of us (myself included) really know what the facts are. There is just too much spin going on. And I’m not keen on buying exigent circumstances in the face of police forces playing judge, jury, and executioner. ABCNews is really anxious to clear its flub from yesterday –ratings, ratings, ratings– and I’m rather disgusted by it. Either way, there is a corpse. And there are people celebrating that a once-living-person (regardless of who) is now a corpse. Disgusting.
But no, that is not what today’s topic of discussion is, and what has been percolating in my thoughts for the past few days.
Do you remember how a Personhood Amendment failed in Mississippi late 2011? Do you remember why Mississippi was the state chosen to attempt to pass that sort of legislation? Do you understand the actual ramifications of personhood laws?
Well, now…in a version of something Rude would call “Your State Sucks”…North Dakota is up next for the same sort of legislation. So far, it’s passed the Senate.
And in IowaRepresentatives Tom Shaw (Republican), Greg Heartsill (Republican), Dwayne Alons (Republican), Jason Schultz (Republican), Rob Bacon (Republican), Larry Sheets (Republican), Kevin Koester (Republican), Joel Fry (Republican), and Sandy Salmon (Republican) have introduced legislation…openly admitting they want to put women in jail for *murder* for the act of having an abortion, for “questionable miscarriages”, and frankly…for birth control (you know, in the name of abortifacient “murder”). Never mind that by that way of thinking, just having a period can qualify as murder in many circumstances. Never mind that. Let’s look at the faces of these representatives, shall we?
All Republicans…but they managed to get a woman in the mix. All White Republicans…89% male, 11% female. For legislation that affects only women. But congrats, Iowa Douchecanoes, on finding a female and trying to paint the picture that White conservative -predominantly Republican- men aren’t waging a war on women. Salmon’s views are just wonderful–IF you don’t believe in separation of church and state, that is. And yes…of COURSE, I homed in on her stance on the issues. If you don’t get why, then you’re too new to the discussion to insert any claim of bias on my part.
But back to the “abortion as murder” legislation that has cropped up in Iowa. In one brief conversation, I heard the “justification” offered that these folks are worried about population depletion…”This is economics.” Ermmm…*cough*…yeah, no. My response to that (well-intended) suggestion was,
“I will grant that economics may factor in for *SOME* of these politicians. But that explanation doesn’t hold with the entirety of the history connected with this sort of legislation attempt or its history. The roots are ideological…religious, specifically. […] That segment worried about population depletion -from my experience- are NOT worried about *global* population depletion. This *also* falls into religious ideology, and the notion of “be fruitful and multiply” — there is a very specific population depletion that that segment is “worried” about. All you have to do is look who the politicians voting for this type of bs legislation — and there is your demographic.”
Look again at that image above of those politicians. Look at their stated ideologies and points of view. There’s your demographic.

In another space, I had some excellent questions and observations posed, such as:

  • Does the bill allow for charging a fetus with attempted murder for endangering the life of the mother? You know, like in cases where the fetus decides to grow where it doesn’t belong, as in the case of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • [W]ho gets charged if the mother AND fetus die?
  • If they were going to charge women who obtain abortions with murder, in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, it would be easy for a woman to beat it by claiming self defense. But they don’t have plans on going after mothers. They have plans on going after doctors, and a doctor couldn’t claim self defense. I wonder how they plan on handling cases where the woman goes out of state for her abortion & birth control. Can’t charge someone for a crime that isn’t a crime where it actually takes place, and where it is out of the jurisdiction. That would be like the police in your town arresting your kid for violation of curfew because he stayed out too late while on vacation in another state, and there is no curfew where you were on vacation. If this passes, there could be a whole new industry of medical tourism in neighboring states. But the whole idea of that stinks of class warfare, since only the well off would be able to afford it. All I want to know is why are these politicians hell bent on repeating the mistakes of Ceaucescu’s Romania? And how are the citizens of Iowa going to like when their taxes get raised year after year to fund the caring for and educating of all the unwanted children?
In case you’re wondering what Nicolae Ceaușescu‘s Romania was all about, and it’s a pertinent point of modern history as relates to the topic of Republicans, Abortion, and the War on Women…here are a few links for you to familiarize yourself with what actually happens when abortion is completely banned:

Overplanned Parenthood: Ceaușescu’s cruel law – Fact is, Republicans waging the War on Women want to eliminate birth control, and they already have a firm foothold in mangling sex education. These things have historical examples of abject failure: “…Ceausescu made mockery of family planning. He forbade sex education. Books on human sexuality and reproduction were classified as “state secrets,” to be used only as medical textbooks. With contraception banned, Romanians had to smuggle in condoms and birth-control pills. Though strictly illegal, abortions remained a widespread birth-control measure of last resort. Nationwide, Western sources estimate, 60 percent of all pregnancies ended in abortion or miscarriage….”

Ceaușescu’s grisly legacy: Romanian women endured 22m abortions after dictator’s ban on contraception  – The harsh reality is that banning abortion and birth control does not stop abortions – “…between 1958 and 2008 state clinics carried out 22.1 million terminations in a country with a population of just 21.5 million. But, warn Health Ministry aides, the true figure could be even higher as tens of thousands of pregnant women carried our DIY abortions or attended illegal clinics…”
Where Have All the Criminals Gone? – (Subheading: Want to understand what made the crime rate drop in the 1990s? Look back to the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.) Any claim for concern about “population decrease” for “economic” reasons is also addressed – “…these children would turn out to have particularly miserable lives. Compared to Romanian children born just a year earlier, the cohort of children born after the abortion ban would do worse in every measurable way: They would test lower in school, they would have less success in the labor market, and they would also prove much more likely to become criminals…”
Do we REALLY need to see that sort of shit happen here? We have firm examples of what actually happens with draconian laws like this. REALLY?!?!
Another connected –seemingly unrelated, but absolutely connected– issue in the news is out of Indiana. Yes, I find myself (again) surprised that I am actually linking to an LGF article…but there it is. This idiotic woman…
…one Diane Medley, has found herself in a nasty little brouhaha for asserting that LGBT students “have no purpose” and that they are “offensive” to her. She is a goddamn special education teacher, asserting that there should be a “separate but equal” … “straight only” … promenade … hosted by a local church. Again with the church interfering with public school matters. I mean, I have no problem if a church wants to privately host a school dance, even if they want to call it a “Prom.” That isn’t the issue. The issue here is that we have a public school teacher, who works in a public school, admitting that she is all fordiscrimination against LGBT students. Oh, she doesn’t use those words, of course, but that is the bold-faced message.
How are the two subjects connected?

If it isn’t already obvious…religious interference with sex education in the public sector. Religious interference with public politics…resulting in legislation that harms women, harms LGBT (whose existence is basically omitted from any form of sex education). Really…religious interference…PERIOD. That is what it boils down to. Religious ideologues who have, in many ways over the past several decades, worked diligently and tirelessly…by any means possible and deemed necessary…inserted themselves into public discourse in an effort to enforce their narrow, rigid views of biblical principles on an entire country. Every time one of them gets shot down…even in Missis-fucking-sippi…a seeming dozen more crop up in its place. The religious far-right doesn’t seem to realize that it IS the fucking plague of the 21st century. They are representative of the American Taliban, they are the very personification of Tea Party ideals, and they would like nothing better than to drive our American society back to pre-1869.

Yeah, I’m pissed. Right now, the only voice I really have is small by comparison to theirs…even while I know I am not alone in this fight against fervent religious zealotry that can and will impact millions upon millions of American women. My daughter. My friend’s daughters. My nieces. My cousins.

And not just women. But men and women who identify as LGBT…who I have in my family, in my circle of friends…and also complete strangers to me who are absolutely deserving of equality, and for whom I often feel helpless to defend.

So yeah, forgive me if today I don’t focus on Christopher Dorner, because that subject, while immensely important, is one that a lot of further investigation is required, and we may never learn the truth of that story…but while that spin-factor distraction is splashed all over the news, we have very real, very present concerns that must be addressed. We have Republican twatwaffles who are pushing harder and harder against women, against LGBT, against minorities…and they are doing it in real time…right now.
If you were hoping for a Hump Day Funny…my apologies. Maybe next week. Not today.

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