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Happy Hump Day: Day 20 of 100

Hoooooboy. Today is Day 20.

What can I say? I’ve had up days and down days. Yesterday, exercise-wise was a down day…yesterday was just a really effing off day for me. I got some walking in, though not what I really wanted. In part, I was worried about not being in the house with TJ. Granted, Sis Chris was in the house, but I’m a bit wary about that…not out of a lack of trust, but out of an awareness that Sis Chris’ focus wasn’t really on TJ. Rene left yesterday for a couple of days, and Cam was not yet home, so that left Sis Chris.

Other than yesterday, the walking has gone as planned…mostly. I’ve had a couple of complete bonehead moments, truly. For instance, Monday of last week, I had to make a store run after dinner, and I was in a hurry to get home so I could knock out the walk before TJ went to bed. The shoes I wear when I run errands are not ideal for exercise…at least not walking. They’re very comfortable shoes, as far as that goes, but they aren’t designed with walking in mind. I rushed to the store, rushed back home, and went straight out for my walk. I forgot to change my shoes. Needless to say, it did not end well.

Then there was last Wednesday…just two days after bonehead moment #1…when I had two different shoes on entirely.

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!!!

Understand, my daughter and I wear the same size shoes, and her walking shoes are very similar to mine. She has a couple of different pairs, and one of those pairs looks a lot like mine. I didn’t think anything of it when I went to put on the shoes…I wasn’t really paying that close of attention. Left shoe. Right shoe. That was all I was really thinking. Until I started walking…got through one lap, and kept quietly wondering what the hell was up with my left shoe?! Why does this not feel correct? I looked down, and it took me a couple of beats to realize what the problem was. Yeah, yeah, my daughter thought it was pretty funny, too, as she took her shoe into the house and grabbed my shoe. Problem solved, walk finished without issue.

Then there was last Saturday. Everything was fine…the weather looked beautiful (after days of deluges)…and on Saturdays, my daughter and I walk in the afternoon instead of after dinner. So we put on hoodies and shoes, and set out to walk. What was not obvious from the gorgeous window view was how windy outside actually was (and did not know this from the porch, actually). Not just windy, but really biting cold wind. My daughter and I got through 3 laps, at which point the wind was actually taking my breath away.

So yeah…there have been days that have been less than ideal. On the other hand, there have been days that were truly invigorating, too. I’m placing my bets on the latter for today. Part of me is debating that this afternoon might well be dedicated to Richard Simmons, and tonight is the short walk. Cam should be home, so I’ll be more relaxed as far as TJ is concerned. I also need to check out what all is in this area — I know there are a few really good places to walk other than the neighborhood…just a matter of getting to one of those places for a change of scenery.

Now…food? Not a problem. I still refuse to step foot on the scale just yet. I have decided once per month is more than sufficient for that mess. March is not yet here…so.

Anyway, that is about it, in terms of Day 20 of 100. I am still reading Hanne’s book…alongside four other books…alongside writing a book. I am loving Hanne’s book, and am taking a lot of encouragement from it. I love her attitude on the subject of having a body and getting that body moving, however we move our bodies. Loving it, I tell you.

For the rest of this week, I’ll be focused on my daughter’s upcoming “Walker Bait” birthday party (yes, there will be pictures), and next week, I’ll be focused on my husband’s and my long-awaited secret-squirrel date night.

For right now, though, I’ll just wish you a VERY Happy Hump Day!


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