Vintage Prosey Project: 2014 Prioritization — 3/20/13

Updating the blog here to pull old entries from the pros/e/yes archives…in their original order. This project is simply a unification of my personal blog (with a LOT of NSFW entries) and my professional blog.

Late Hump Day Post…Some Days Are Just Screwy


…it’s been one of those days.

The briefest of rundowns:

1. Striving to convince my eldest that enlisting in the military should be a very last resort. He seems really surprised by my and the ex-asshole’s less-than-thrilled response to his seriously considering enlisting — more surprised about the ex, given the ex always made it sound (to my son’s ears) as though the military was some sort of “ideal.” I got left with the wondrous task of explaining why the ex might have mixed feelings. Why the ex (a retiree) and my dad (grandpa and also a retiree) might have mixed feelings. That was fun…being in the position of explaining why we respect and support the military, why wedistrust the leadership and the politics, and why-oh-why we’re very guarded about him enlisting.

Not to mention…IF he decides firmly that the military is his choice, why the Air Force is preferable to the Army…and this is one of those very, very, very few things my dad, the ex, AND I all agree on.

2. My son’s best friend, who has lived with us now for several months, and whose legal situation only became fully clear last week. Oh. My. Gawd. You have nooooooo idea how ridiculous this situation is. It’s beyond absurd. After a full week last week of stress…a weekend of his mom contacting variety contacts…and a spare bit of time today for me to make a few additional phone calls. When I made those phone calls, after getting re-routed several times, and the fuller picture became clear…I wanted to laugh AND I wanted to scream. I really and truly am not ready to go into details on this topic…but let me assure you that after an hour of research, a couple of emails, two phone calls, and staring dumbstruck into space for about 20 minutes after hanging up…there wasn’t any time at that second to ponder it too deeply except to let Rene know how ridiculously stupid the entire situation actually is. *faint*

3. My daughter. A second oral surgery consultation. Getting lost in a tiny town because Google Maps is not always clear in this tiny town. Fortunately, the appointment time was at a slow period for the office, and the receptionist was able to talk me to her office from up the road until we got there. Second consultation completed, surgery date set. Joy.

4. THEN…my car. Curb-check from January…I’m just not going to go into that topic…but I’ll say it’s fecking reeedickuuuuloussss…

5. Two trips to the grocery, the second one I decided to just knock out tomorrow’s grocery run and get it out of the way, freeing up (maybe, depending on 1. decision…otherwise, a drive to Duluth — MORE fun) tomorrow morning, at the very least. Then going to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for 3. in preparation for next week.

6. Helping my daughter make lasagna (her first time), along with teaching her how to make the complete meal, including salad and garlic bread, during which…

7. A visit from the mechanic to drop off stuff related to 4. and a random, unexpected drive to the ATM in the middle of 6. — rushing back home to keep that going, and feeding Travis slightly late since 6. was going to be really late, much to his chagrin, since he LOVES lasagna. The promise of a Cadbury egg made it all better, though.

8. Late dinner, followed by routine evening stuff, a tad later than usual…and deferring our evening walk because of 6. and 7. as well as really cold wind picking up (we’re supposedly under a freeze warning through tomorrow)…we shall see.

9. Because there were no Cadbury eggs yesterday, the deal Travis and I had yesterday was that I would get them today, but that also meant that I would get to put him to bed tonight (which created its own different drama, since Rene happens to be home, and Travis can be Tardis when it comes to his routine).

10. Survived 9. with 2. on the back-burner until I could communicate with his mom again, amid keeping my word that I would keep still…and handing him the phone so that I can also keep honest.


Yeah, I won’t say that I’m quite the statue today, but I’m not exactly the pigeon either. I’m just relatively sure that I’ll sleep very well tonight. *sips lemon-infused water*

Hope your Hump Day was lovely!


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