Vintage Prosey Project: 2014 Prioritization — 4/17/13

Updating the blog here to pull old entries from the pros/e/yes archives…in their original order. This project is simply a unification of my personal blog (with a LOT of NSFW entries) and my professional blog.

Happy Hump Day — Permanent Proof of Temporary Insanity

Happy Wednesday! The past couple of days, I have been on the busy side…happily creative and enjoying working on a short-term project. I’m in-between tasks at the moment, so I have time to type out a quick entry here.

I used to believe that tattoos were the only things that qualified as “permanent proof of temporary insanity” — and I know now that I was wrong. Totally. Wrong. A dissertation most certainly qualifies. Yes yes…I’m finished with the dissertation…that was done quite a while back. Defense is all done. The title is firmly in place. All that…yeah. However, the matter of the signature page nightmare from hell is not yet finished. You would think, of all the damn things, this part would be easy by comparison. And you, my friend, would be dead wrong.

Everyone who goes through the process of completing a dissertation has something that goes wrong. I have yet to meet a person who flew through the process with no complications whatsoever. I had a few minor hiccups along the way, as do most folks who survive the process. I have a tremendous amount of respect now that I didn’t have before for all people who go through the process. No doubt about it. But to get hung up on the signature page? Really?! *sigh* It would be no big deal in and of itself…except that, this time around, all told, I will have spent approximately $250.00 on postage alone JUST for this bit. (Why so much? International FedEx…for the THIRD time…) — and all for two tiny (and really insignificant) details. A title “upgrade” that was not included in the university-specific template promoted by the university for students who have to write either a thesis or a dissertation — meaning, the software itself is available generically, but the software company works directly with universities for institution-specific details — and that happens to be the software that I used. So on the signature page in the template, the Dean of the School of Advanced Studies is right on the page. I guess, however, the Dean of the School of Advanced Studies is now the Executive Dean of the School of Advanced Studies…and silly me, I would know that HOW?!, given that I used a template that wasn’t updated with that title. Nobody told me that the Dean became the Executive Dean and that the missing “Executive” might throw a monkey wrench into the process. Oh…and the other detail? The date format, which…when I was given sample signature pages…those samples had all different date formats…so, I sent out the signature pages with the date formatted: 12/14/2012 — which is the date the university notified me had to be on each date line of the signature page…except NOW, they want it formatted like so: December 14, 2012 — okay, fine, I can do that…no problem. But, when the requirements change regularly, seemingly on a whim, and it causes fuck-ups in the process for a student who is just trying to be finished with all the nittanoity bullshit already…oh, and did I mention that postage is NOT FREE???

Yeah, so…I feel better now that I’ve ranted a little about that bit o’bullshit.

Temporary insanity? Yeah…know the feeling. Right up close and personal.

Ah well…I probably ought to head over to FedEx and get these signature pages routed. Again.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful (and I’ll get a proper write-up about the usual stuff I normally write about on Hump Days later).


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