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Hump Day Not-So-Funny: WTF Is Wrong With North Carolina?!

I’m not feelin’ up to a cutesiepoo PruthPetals Westheimer Hump Day opening, so let’s just dive right in, shall we?

Okay, so this yahoo, one Republican Representative Chris Whitmire

…is a total fucktarded douchecanoe. Let’s begin with that. Yeah, yeah…ad hominem right off the bat. Ask me if I give a flying monkey fuck? This head-up-his-assclown has proposed a modification to the already egregious parental notification law in North Carolina to include: “…provide medical health services for an unemancipated minor for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of (i) venereal diseases and other diseases reportable under G.S. 130A‑135, (ii) abuse of controlled substances or alcohol, (iii) emotional disturbance, or (iv) pregnancy unless the physician or agent thereof or another physician or agent thereof first obtains the written consent of the minor and the written consent…”
Ya get that? A potentially suicidal teen would have to get parental notification –with notarization– before seeking mental health treatment.
And who the fuck calls STIs “venereal diseases” anymore?!?! Before you think that the above-pictured cum-crusted cunt muscle is alone, he brought a few of his pals along with him to sponsor this travesty of a proposal — and I am going to put all of their names, images, and links to their pages here…because for ALL of us fighting what bullshit like this really is (control of female sexual behavior and attempts to shame all teens in general), we need to know the names and faces of our adversaries. I would also encourage my friends in (AND outside of) North Carolina to write letters, make phone calls…express LOUDLY your dissent of this garbage.
Whitmire was evidently quite clever with this proposal, too…he made sure to get bipartisan sponsorship support, and made sure to get a token female on board, as well. The primary cosponsors for this proposal are:
Representative (Republican) Jim Fulghum
Representative (Democrat) William Brisson
and Representative (Republican) Jacqueline Schaffer
I’m rather disgusted by these reptilian-brained people and their disingenuous claims that this is all about getting parents involved. What if the household is part of the problem? Yeah, let’s create more issues for at-risk young people by forcing them to tell their parents… Yes, parental notification laws are primarily about abortion, and have been shown to be abysmal failures (never mind the conflict of interest with a federal law known to most of us as HIPAA).
I completely agree that most parents want to be in the loop insofar as their kids are concerned…but part of the problem (and one that I’m working on trying to add assistance as part of my own work) is the matter of when, and this problem is tied in VERY closely with sex education. Sorry, moms & dads out there…by the time your kid hits puberty, if you haven’t already firmly established an environment of safe communication between you and your child, you’re a little late in demanding that they come to you with information related to sexual behavior and activity, substance use/abuse, and/or emotional and mental concerns. If you spent those early childhood years on solely “s/he’s so cute” and never bothered attending to all areas of the body (yep, that includes the genitals), then why should they come to you? So now you’ve got elected officials who you are hoping to make your kids come to you with concerns when you failed to do the entirety of your job?! Well…FUCK YOU.
This proposal won’t fix the problem.
Look, I know how tough raising kids can be. I have a now-adult son, a teenage daughter, and have started the entire cycle again with an almost-4-year-old. I’m in no way a perfect representative of parent-teen communication…but ya know what? My older kids come to me when it actually matters. In the realm of sexual concerns, emotional concerns, and yeah…even substance questions (the eldest kiddo primarily)…they come to me and ask questions and we have actual conversations. Sometimes there’s discomfort, which is to be expected…but that is part and parcel of parenthood. You don’t get to just be a parent for the cute and cuddly stuff. It’s a complete package, with nuts & bolts included.
Reading about Whitless’ (et al) proposal makes me truly angry…but it’s the sort of anger that pushes me to work all the more diligently at completing one of my primary post-doctoral projects to get it out into the public. *mutter-grumble-mutter*

Ah well, enough for now. Time for Prosey to head over to the chiropractor.

Happy Hump Day!


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