Vintage Prosey Project: 2014 Prioritization — 5/15/13

Updating the blog here to pull old entries from the pros/e/yes archives…in their original order. This project is simply a unification of my personal blog (with a LOT of NSFW entries) and my professional blog.

Happy Hump Day: Sex and Food

Short Hump Day post today. Had to make a run up to Cane Creek Farm today (missed going last week) to pick up some fresh eggs, beef, and greens. LOVE that place. But first, I had my chiropractic visit. I really like my chiropractor, even if I hate going to any doctor for any single thing…truly.

Anyway, after my electrotherapy and my adjustment, Dr. D & I got to talking about food, since I spent much of the past couple of days cooking and baking…and he made a really funny comment about the great topics of “Sex and Food” ~ and how those two things must be a lot of fun for me (meaning, conversationally)…and I started cracking up.

I shared with him one of the funnier conversations I have had online with a young man asserting that an orgasm is simply the super-bestest thing in the big, whole, wide world…and my response about “have you ever heard of context?” ~ which made Dr. D crack up, too. Hey, I love “The Big O” as much as anyone…but really, the “bestest thing ever” depends entirely on situational context.


Happy Hump Day!


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