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Hump Day Special: Guest Entry

Today’s guest entry is written by Grace. You can find the original Note here. This is a topic that is something of a “hot button” for me, because of my personal history with it…and I did originally get on BCP for reasons other than contraception. However, once those reasons sorted themselves out (thanks to the BCP), I stayed on BCP to be able to enjoy sex without fear of pregnancy. I remember, though…when my dad “found” my pill compact, and the fallout OF that…Grace speaks here to the truth of that. I also know that I was in no way alone in that particular experience.



Birth control taken for the sake of birth control is OK. Stop apologizing.

I find it disturbing to see many women commenting on the birth control issue as follows:
“I have a health condition that is treated by birth control.”
“I have acne”
“I have severe periods”
“I had an ectopic pregnancy, so I am higher risk”
and so on. I understand that BC is used for many other reasons than as BC. I used it myself for years to control blood clotting, severe pain, extreme blood loss and loss of consciousness every month. However, this is NOT THE ISSUE, and I am wary of seeing so many act apologetic, and as if they are making excuses for using BC.
I have used BC in the past so I could have fulfilling, condom free sex on a daily basis without the fear of unwanted pregnancy. I was a healthy, full grown woman and I LIKED sex and I am not ashamed to say so. I used BC for the purpose of having intense, enjoyable, orgasmic SEX WITHOUT PREGNANCY.
Men can have sex without being scared they will become pregnant – which is a medical condition FAR more serious than ED with long lasting consequences and severe risks. Why is it so wrong for a woman to be a sexual being, let alone to want to have fear-free sex like a man does?
Men have no immediate consequences to their health. Indeed, men are expected to be able to have worry free sex – unless you count their fear a woman may become pregnant and “trap” them into paying for half of the child’s care. But women are being told that BC encourages ‘looseness’ and ‘whoring around’.
Lets look at the idea of whoring around. Why is it so bad for a woman but accepted in men? Because -wait for it – men can’t get pregnant and women can. Men can go blithely on their way after a quick shag and never think about the one night stand again. Women cannot – unless we have access to birth control.
STOP apologizing for having sexual drive. STOP caving to pressure by the slut shamers and hiding behind the umbrella of “BC for alternate purposes”. Speak up and say you like sex and you are not ashamed of it and that you deserve to be able to have and enjoy sex just like men do.
(When I say “men” in this next section, I DO recognize there are many great men out there, and that there are female traitors who side with the main GOP stance on BC.)
You would think men would appreciate the idea that they can have sex with women who are not fearful, that they themselves don’t have to fear financial responsibility. You would think men would not be so violently opposed to the idea of a woman having control over her own body.You would think that the country would wake up and realize that bitching about welfare mommies on one hand while forcing women to give birth on the other MAKES NO SENSE.
However, the consensus seems to be that women should “know their place”, which means returning to a Victorian time of prudery where women were expected to be quiet and bear children for their masters, while men used mistresses or whores for sexual release – and women who found pleasure in the bedroom were considered sluts.I am SO SICK of this issue. I am SO SICK of being told I am a silly little slut for wanting sex for purposes other than procreation.
FUCK THIS SHIT. Women, stand up. Own your own body. Own up to liking sex. Demand birth control. If men get pills so they can have sex without feeling emasculated, let us women have pills so we can  have sex without feeling like broodmares.
That is all.

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