Vintage Prosey Project: 2014 Prioritization — 11/13/13

Updating the blog here to pull old entries from the pros/e/yes archives…in their original order. This project is simply a unification of my personal blog (with a LOT of NSFW entries) and my professional blog.

Happy Nipply Hump Day!

Man oh man, is it nipply outside today! *reminder to self: MUST buy more long-sleeve shirts for the kids*

Continuing in this week’s vein of observations from “Inside The Bubble” (or “Inside Enemy Territory”, however you prefer to think of it — I don’t think of anti-choicers/forced birthers as “enemies”, but as political/ideological adversaries/opponents, but I understand fully why some consider them downright mortal enemies, and for very real reasons).

Today’s observational share is two-fold. Race and Reality

First, an off-shoot of part of yesterday’s entry. I mentioned in passing the distinct racial factor involved by our adversaries. The matter of racial disparities is nothing new to many of us intimately familiar with the long-standing debate. From the blatant eugenics lies, and why the eugenics arguments are so very deeply misunderstood and deliberately misused by those who do understand the history…to calculated dishonesty about the “safety” of Black women’s uteri. Women of color have long been targeted by anti-choice propagandists, but beyond where they can be exploited, anti-choice establishment neither cares for nor has any use for any women of color.

Two stark points of evidence stand out strongly in contrast to where anti-choice flagrantly manipulates racial divisions in an attempt to pull to their advantage.

First – the demonization of President Obama. This one seems relatively straightforward and only seems overly simplistic until you start really comparing closely the parallels between the Tea Party activists and their racial underpinnings alongside anti-choice establishment. The parallels are uncanny…and I don’t believe in coincidence generally.

Second – and this one is a bit more insidious…the content at NPLA (both the main page and the facebook page). It is a rare day indeed that you’ll see me posting linkage directly to anti pages, but I do so today for a very specific reason. I’m inviting you to go and look…not to comment, not to engage…but -simply- to observe the imagery. Then I invite you…with a bit of admitted sheepish embarrassment…to watch this video. If you don’t want to click through to a YouTube video directly, you can just watch here:

I will say the same thing now that I said a couple of years ago when I made the above video…I was reading, and I was a bit nervous…and when I’m edgy, I get something of a “Squinty McSquinterson” look about me, confirmed by both of my older kids with much good-natured teasing about the look I get. However, as embarrassed as I am…and uncomfortable as I truly was, the racial factor is something I’ve been long aware of, and something I’ve spoken out against many times (right here in this very blog) for the dishonest nature of it on its face. Become familiar with it, because it is not accidental.

For a bit of homework, to research at your leisure, become familiar with what Margaret Sanger actually had to say about race and eugenics. I tend to avoid the eugenics discussions unless I have a sense that the person making assertions is actually sincerely interested in the fuller history, and that is a matter of personal discretion, admittedly. Most anti-choice advocates aren’t actually interested in what Sanger was really about, with respect to eugenics…nor are they typically interested in the history of eugenics, which still exists today. However, I strongly encourage people who are pro-choice to become more familiar with the history, because I’ve seen many a pro-choice cross over to anti-choice on the grounds of supposed (and non-existent) historic racism within PPFA…and ensuring our side understands this particular bit of history is something I care very much about.

Next up on today’s discussion: the realities

…I mentioned on Monday the importance of recognizing where our adversaries are correct. I have to repeat this point, because it’s really super-duper important to understand. When they talk about 50+ million abortions since 1973, they are correct…and while it’s an uncomfortable truth, it changes nothing. Period. The fact is, there would have been far more abortions if Roe had not passed than 50 million. And that, my friends, is a fact that our adversaries don’t want to acknowledge. At all. They don’t like having Romania’s recent history brought up…generally because “communism” or some such other bullshit. Okay…fine.

Let’s look to American history, then…because capitalism. Seriously. All those “crisis pregnancy centers”?! Diverting women (and very specific women, no less) away from abortion to the “adoption option”? You think it’s really about “loving babies”?! Bullshit. They get their profits from adoption agencies. Don’t be fooled…not for an instant.

But …even setting the profiteers aside, because they’re disgusting and bad enough all by themselves… what about the folks who sincerely see adoption as the “more ideal option” in the face of 50+ million abortions in the United States since 1973? I mean, people who are authentic (and trust your gut on this count, folks)…

Well…I have another bit of homework for you, to familiarize yourself with. Most of us have made the “foster care” argument, and it’s no less valid for it…but tends to get dismissed because “those children are alive” — and ignores completely the actual history of orphanage institutional practices in the United States after WWII…and why. It ignores the relatively recent history of Newt Gingrich (back when he was still speaker) suggesting that we should re-open the institution of orphanages, regardless of the body of evidence showing the actual harm.

These are implications that anti-choicers (even sincerely well-meaning ones) abjectly fail to grasp…and we need to be open to raising awareness and educating people on the facts in the face of misguided “morality policing.”


Enough for today. I have other work to do. I am undecided about which observation to share tomorrow…I’m debating on opening up about biology, which I would normally cover on a Hump Day…but it’s such an in-depth topic that I don’t presently have the energy to delve into it. Today’s entry is meaty enough, of course…and I encourage you to really consider completing the “homework” assigned above. We have to know the actual counter-discussions where their propaganda shows only half-truths and distortions.

Anyway, off I go back into the so-called real world. Happy Hump Day!


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