The Vintage Prosey Project — A Prioritization “Thing” for 2014

You may have noticed I posted a slew of old blog entries from pros/e/yes today. The reason for this isn’t so much that the entries are truly *vintage* Prosey…for that, I’d have to dig WAY into my old journal archives from places like deviantART and Storm-Artists…which are places I don’t post much of anything anymore. Really, what the project is, more or less, is a unification of both my personal blog and this here blog…focused mainly on the Hump Day Specials (the “Dr. ProsePetals Westheimer Schmexaytime” entries) — for a few different reasons.

First, I have a few writing projects slated for 2014…directly connected with this blog…that I want to ensure I have a handle on without worrying about bringing the stuff from my personal blog that is applicable to sex education. Second, on reflection, I realized that the way I post in my personal blog as compared with here seems almost schizophrenic. I wanted to give any readers here an opportunity to get to know who I am on a regular day…not just while I’m wearing my “scholar hat.” Third, I wanted to make very clear here a few of my points of view that are directly and indirectly connected with sex education…from personal to academic to professional to political…and everything in between. Because sex education is about so much more than just the act of sexual intercourse, I wanted to open the gamut that I generally reserve for “amusements” and “debate-ables” over in my personal blog and bring them here.

So…with that in mind…I went back through my personal blog…focused on specific Hump Day Specials and entries that were either make-up entries on days other than Wednesdays or entries that provided retrospective insights to how I approach the variety topics connected with sex education. With that in mind…the retrospective perspective, loosely classified as “vintage” is as follows (Note 1, the following titles are the overarching themes of each entry, not the actual entry titles; Note2, SEVERAL of these are NSFW):

Masturbatory Politics
“Legitimate Rape”
Welcome to Georgia
Freak Flag
Men and Breast Cancer
Halloween Protection
Delivery and Preference
Christmas Sex Toy Gift Ideas
(My) Children and Sex Ed
Love & Hate (Family Style)
Gag Reflex
Don’t Do That
Prosey Is A Potty Mouth
Baylee’s Story (part 2)
Religious Harm
Sex & Murder
Texas GOP
The Statue & the Pidgeon
Zombie & Vampire Dildos
STD/STI Awareness Month
Permanent Proof of Temporary Insanity
Mishmash & Potpourri
WTF North Carolina?!
The Initial Thoughts on Sex & Food
Egg Drop Soup (a recurrent theme)
Full of Grace (Guest Entry)
Parents & Sex Ed
Sigh VMAs
What’s That Smell?!
More Egg Drop Soup
NIPPLES! *cough* seriously…Race & Reality

So there you have it…a few of the older entries from pros/e/yes.

For reference, “P/L/S” stands for “Peace, Love, & Sushi”…and “~dw” — that’s me.

So…Happy Hump Day! 

…and P/L/S


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