Update from the Weird Sex Ed, Inc., Endeavors

Just thought I’d put an update here, for anyone following the status of incorporation of WSE.

Things are progressing slowly but steadily. Presently waiting to hear back from the Secretary of State’s office about the business name reservation. Articles of Incorporation are in their semi-final draft mode (awaiting two pieces of information for finalization), and the Bylaws are written and in review by the Secretary of the company. When that is complete, and when I receive word back from the Secretary of State on the business name, paperwork will be sent to the IRS requesting 501(c)(3) status formally…with expedite request, of course.

There is still a lot to be done, and the process is gradual, but I’m in communication with people who know more about different portions of the process than I know, and I’m extremely optimistic about how the progress is going.

Happy Weekend to All!

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