For Post-Childbearing Women Only

(Note about the subject: I’m not referring necessarily to post-childbearing years, but women of any age bracket who have had children…or…women who haven’t had children and are in their peri-menopausal, menopausal, or post-menopausal¬† years.)

I’ve been on an exploration of vaginal strength for the purpose of reducing stress and urge incontinence (the two main issues I have dealt with personally).¬†I’ve read the Whole Woman program (Christine Kent), I’ve read the Kegel Queen program (Alyce Adams), and I’ve read Kim Anami’s (#thingsiliftwithmyvagina) program. All are interesting, well-explored, and have terrific points. I’ve also explored Pompoir, (or Kabazzah) the supposed fine art of the “Singapore Kiss.” Now, I’m less concerned with “milking” my partner’s penis while riding him than I am interested in getting rid of the need for Poise products. No mistake, I’m thankful there are products out there to help women who are dealing with urinary incontinence (for whatever reason), and to Poise & Kirstie Alley for their “Second Talk” information page. We women need all the information we can get.

Which is why, of course, I provide all of the above links. I support the women who put forth the efforts to help other women, particularly in an area we’ve been conditioned to not discuss. That said, I’ve developed a hypothesis of my own that draws on all of the above information, and after I’ve finished my primary writing focus for publishing, this topic will be taking the Number Two spot for continuing research and testing of my hypothesis. In this, I will be seeking insights from women (see Note above), as well as women who are willing to participate in this research. Given that I’ve noticed very real improvements in my own body (in a matter of days, frankly), I’m looking forward to seeing where testing my hypothesis leads, seeing if it develops into a theory (in the scientific sense), and helping other women with the results.

Here in WSE, I will create a page just for this subject, and in there, I will discuss more about my hypothesis…since it draws on more than merely urinary incontinence and sexual pleasure (those things are important, but not the sole foundations of the hypothesis with which I’m working). It covers more than “just” vaginal health, but overall health.

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