A Quick Update

Hi folks!

Since the inception of Weird Sex Ed, Inc., as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, my primary focus (by design and intent) has been focus specifically on parents of female teens. Really, my primary focus here is parental sex education, period, regardless of children’s ages and genders…but my original research focused on parents of teen daughters, and that is where my emphasis remains.

However, because I didn’t have, at the time of inception, a separate outlet for more general adult-oriented, pleasure-based, all-inclusive sex education, I sort of lumped everything together here in this space. As of last month, that has changed, so there are presently adjustments being made in both WSE’s facebook page and here that are reflective of what is currently transpiring with my sex education approach and outlets for page-specific materials.

For the time being, this page is under (more) construction — it has been under construction for a while, given that I’ve been continuing education toward the completion of a law degree (so as to preemptively protect WSE’s business interests). Because of that, I haven’t had sufficient time to dedicate here as I would like. That, though, will be changing, as I am approaching the end of my formal academic career. After the law degree is finished, I have a few different certifications to obtain (connected specifically with sex education and coaching), but really, by the end of this year, I will be finished with degree-based academic pursuits.

Accordingly, this page…its blog, its resources, its overall endeavors…is returning to its original mission and vision, which is parental sex education, and publishing resources toward that goal. If you’ve stuck with me this far…thank you from the very bottom of my heart. For those of you who have been following along for education other than geared toward parents, I invite you to follow me at my other page, where I serve as a My Secret Soiree Concierge. (You can find me on Twitter and Instagram, as well.)

As a MSS Concierge, I will be hosting workshops and soirees that delve into pleasure-based sex education for individuals, couples, and small groups, and will be available for consultation starting on September 15 (less than a month away!). I continue to be dedicated to sex education for everyone, though my focus is tightening to strictly adults (and case-by-case exceptions for pregnant teens and individuals under 18 years who have contracted an STI). There will be some cross-posting, depending on if the information presented is applicable to both pages, but other than that, as The Offspring so memorably said, gotta keep ’em separated.

With that, Happy Sunday!

Dr. Denise “Weirdz” Wirtz


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