Dr. Weirdz Meets Jay & Silent Bob!!!

So yeah, THIS happened last night! My husband and I had a date night last night down in Salem (OR), and went to Jay & Silent Bob Get Old at the Elsinore — and it was fantastic! I wound up playing the “Dirty Sex Positions” game (or “Let Us Fuck”) on stage with Jason Mewes (yes, there are a couple of videos — but those’ll be posted over on the FB page with this entry — in the first two comments, most likely).

Now, I was NOT (at all) in Parental Sex Educator mode — I was in Wife On Kickass DateNight mode — so I was not in any way expecting to discuss WSE last night. Then again, I wasn’t expecting my body and arm to act of their own accord (I jumped up and was waving my arm when Kevin&Jason sought volunteers from the audience — we were seated toward the back, so I had to have jumped obnoxiously to get their attention, because it’s damn near impossible to see the audience with those stage lights). Nor was I expecting to have an on-stage conversation about what I do (even joking around) with Kevin Smith. And I most certainly was NOT expecting to wind up motorboating Jason Mewes’ ass on stage in front of a live audience with chicka-chicka-bow-wow music REALLY loud as the soundtrack.

That said, those things did happen…and when I’m finished writing 150 Years of Sex Education in the United States (that’s the current working title, but there’s been a lot of administrative work to focus on, so I haven’t had a chance to flesh the book out), I plan to give copies – if possible – to both Smith and Mewes. Their daughters are at very different stages (college-age and toddler, respectively, as I understand it) — but hopefully, the information in there will both be useful and meaningful to both of them (and their wives). If nothing else, maybe it’ll bring a few chuckles.

Anyway, wanted to share a quick update, since I haven’t been posting a lot here lately. I WILL be posting more, and soon…there are LOTS of business updates to share about WSE and the direction the business is going. Watch this space!

~Dr. Wirtz XO

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