Dr. Weirdz Meets Jay & Silent Bob!!!

So yeah, THIS happened last night! My husband and I had a date night last night down in Salem (OR), and went to Jay & Silent Bob Get Old at the Elsinore — and it was fantastic! (yeah, there’s video…*gulp*)

That happened. Lordy. When I’m finished writing the book, I plan to give copies – if possible – to both Kevin and Jay. Their daughters are at very different stages (college-age and toddler, respectively, as I understand it) — but hopefully, the information in there will both be …well, maybe worthy of the title of Yoda. If nothing else, maybe it’ll bring a few chuckles. Who knows? 🙂

Anyway, wanted to share a quick update, since I haven’t been posting a lot here lately. I WILL be posting more, and soon…there are LOTS of business updates to share about WSE and the direction the business is going. Watch this space!

~Dr. Wirtz XO

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