Birth of Weird Sex Ed

Hi there! Welcome to Weird Sex Ed!

I’m Dr. Denise Wirtz, and the purpose of this website is to promote, encourage, inspire…and to develop (eventually) a resource (that will be available both online and hard copy) for parents, teenagers, and sex educators.

For the time being, I am still building this site, so forgive me if it’s under construction with very little information currently.

Warm Regards,

*Update: Important note about this website and its eventual contents (including this blog) — If you are in search of graphic sexual content of a pornographic or erotica nature, you’re in the wrong place. This is not a site intended with those purposes in mind. I have no problem with those areas of sexuality in any way; however, this site’s intended purposes are educational, with a focus on exploring areas where human sexuality intersects with other facets of human experience, and the eventual aim of creating a useful comprehensive, sex-positive resource that is easy to access and understand.


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