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Hi! My name is Dr. Denise Wirtz (Dr. Weirdz) and I am “the face” of World of Sex Education also known as WSE(The nonprofit name is still Weird Sex Ed, Inc., which is why the URL has not changed; that is to do with recognition by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.)

This entire website is in the process of being reconstructed and updated to reflect where WSE (the business) currently stands.

You can Follow Me in Facebook (Dr.Weirdz & my main page for what public posts I happen to leave lyin’ around), Instagram (ProsePetals, but I cross-post WSE-stuff there, also), Twitter (Dr.Weirdz & ProsePetals), Tumblr, and Pinterest. You can also view the FlowerPoet’s deviantART page here, and my personal blog (pros/e/yes), if you’d like.

In the coming weeks and months, this page will be updated to reflect the full WSE team (since I may be the face, but I’m not the whole team).

Watch this space!

While you’re here and I have your attention, please consider donating to WSE. You can do so by selecting Weird Sex Ed, Inc., in AmazonSmile — and just shop like you already do. Amazon takes care of the rest. (I also manage ProseyPeddles over in Etsy, if you’re interested — all monies benefit WSE’s efforts.)

You can donate directly to WSE via PayPal here.

Happy June…with Peace, Love, and Sushi! (P/L/S)

Dr. Weirdz (~dw)





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