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My name is Denise Alvarado-Wirtz, DM (Doctorate of Management). My research focus was on parental perspectives of contributing factors to female teens contracting sexually transmitted infections. My previous degrees: BS Business/Information Systems and MBA with concentration in Human Resources Management. The “Weird” of Weird Sex Ed is a reference to my surname, not my approach to comprehensive sexuality education.

My academic and professional background is a patchwork quilt of sorts, a tapestry that includes twenty years in the health care industry – in pediatric, ob/gyn, and internal medicine & general practice clinics, in health insurance, and in home health; ten years in supervisory roles ranging from team leadership to human resources and payroll executive management. I experienced the distinct pleasure of working in government subcontracting, then later as an independent contractor, functioning as a technical writer and editor for organizations within and external to the health care industry between 2004 and 2007.

In 2008, I decided to return to school to earn my doctorate’s degree – focusing in management and organizational leadership, with a research focus in the realm of women’s health and sex education in the United States. One of my aims here is to connect with experts in various fields and with individuals for various perspectives, in order to develop resources that draw from many areas of human experience, something that is useful to practitioners, parents, teenagers and young adults, as well as educators.

I’m excited to say that I recently decided to return to school…law school specifically. No, I’m not looking to become an attorney (I’m high maintenance, but not that high maintenance). I’m pursuing an Executive Juris Doctor for the express purpose of gaining a comprehensive understanding of the law toward improving and expanding Weird Sex Ed, Inc. endeavors.

On a more personal level, I am very happily married with children ranging from 5 to 22 years. I love to cook (though the clean-up, not so much). I enjoy reading and writing poetry and prose. I also occasionally enjoy dipping my toes into the waters of political discussion.

I’m looking forward to developing this website very much and seeing where this adventure takes us!


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