Change, Change, Change (An Updated Bit About Me)

UPDATE: 06012018:

Hi! My name is Denise (#YoDA) and I am “the face” of Weird Sex Ed, Inc., also known as WSE (which is also the World of Sex Education).

This entire website is in the process of being reconstructed and updated to reflect where WSE (the business) currently stands.

You can Follow Me in Facebook (Dr.Weirdz & my main page for what public posts I happen to leave lyin’ around), Instagram (ProsePetals, but I cross-post WSE-stuff there, also), Twitter (Dr.Weirdz & ProsePetals), Tumblr, and Pinterest. You can also view the FlowerPoet’s deviantART page here, and my personal blog (pros/e/yes), if you’d like.

I’m presently re-organizing Sex & Parents: 150 Years of Sex Education in the United States (1869-2019) — which is the book I mentioned that I’ve been working on when I was asked by Kevin Smith (“Silent Bob” of Jay&Silent Bob). Also looking VERY forward to #2018PrideNorthWest (shout-out to Corey, Scot, & Shawn right here! XO), and a MUCH needed road-warrior adventure. As such, I’ll be largely avoiding engaging in social media until after mid-July or so.

Watch this space!

While you’re here and I have your attention, please consider donating to WSE. You can do so by selecting Weird Sex Ed, Inc., in AmazonSmile — and just shop like you already do. Amazon takes care of the rest. (I also manage ProseyPeddles over in Etsy, if you’re interested — all monies benefit WSE’s efforts.)

You can donate directly to WSE via PayPal here.

Happy June…with Peace, Love, and Sushi! (P/L/S)

Dr. Weirdz (~dw)





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