WSE is dedicated to developing and disseminating educational resources (which will be available online and in hardcopy formats) primarily for parents, but also for teens, educators, and health care providers to improve understanding of the root causes of sexually transmitted infection across the teen population. The aim of improving information delivery to parents is to raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), with parent-child communication being a central focus, toward decreasing STI transmission across the teen population. Long-term, this can reduce STI transmission across the general population.

The topics that will be covered in this blog are sex and sex ed, human sexual interaction, religion’s connections with sex and roles within sex & sex ed, shame, and authenticity. The target audience will be parents,┬áteenagers (ages 13+), educators, and health care providers. I will be adding blog posts periodically about communication, sex education, parental understanding, hyperfocus in media and sex education on females, human sexual interaction within and external to heteronormative PIV intercourse, religious connections with sex and sexuality, shame and authenticity, and dysfunction (both familial and societal).

I am doing this because sexually transmitted infections are highest across the teenage and young adult population (ages 15-24), and increased understanding of root causes has the potential to help parents and educators provide improved information delivery to parents and children prior to sexual initiation.

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