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The following is an excerpt from my personal blog, in which I talk about paraphilias. Paraphilias are sometimes categorized as “fetishes,” though such is not always or even necessarily the case. Fetishes do not have to be sexual in nature, truly. Further, many of the following paraphilias are included in the DSM (a code book for psychiatric disorders), which I do not necessarily agree with.

A very short list…as an example of things that do turn people on. This is about sex education, and there are areas that few people know much about at all. By “not assuming action,” I mean that the turn on does not indicate that the person turned on by the fixation ever actually acts upon thing that turns them on.

Name                      What the turn on is (and this does not assume action)

Acrotomophilia:       Amputees

Agalmatophilia:       Statues and mannequins

Asphyxiophilia:        Asphyxiation or strangulation

Autoplushophilia:    The image of one’s self in the form of a plush or anthropomorphized animal.

Coprophilia:            Feces; also known as scat, scatophilia

Dendrophilia:          Trees

Emetophilia:            Vomit

Feederism:              Erotic eating, feeding, and weight gain

Formicophilia:         Being crawled on by insects

Forniphilia :            Turning a human being into a piece of furniture

Hybristophilia:         Criminals, particularly for cruel or outrageous crimes

Klismaphilia:            Enemas, either giving or having

Lactophilia:             Lactation, nursing

Menophilia:             Menstruation

Narratophilia:          Talking dirty, listening to obscene words/stories

Objectophilia:          Pronounced emotional desire towards specific inanimate objects (as mentioned earlier)

Odaxelagnia:            Biting or being bitten

Paraphilic infantilism: Dressing or being treated like a baby

Partialism:                 Specific, non-genital body parts

Technosexuality:       Sexual attraction to robots, or people dressed as robots

Trichophilia:              Hair

Troilism:                   Cuckoldism, watching one’s partner have sex with someone else

Vorarephilia:            The idea of eating or being eaten by others; sometimes swallowed whole

The purpose of this list is to introduce realms of sexual “deviations” (in this sense, sexual fixations outside of what is typically considered within the “norm”) ~ and is not intended to belittle anyone who is into any of the above things (the list is nowhere near comprehensive, it is a truly tiny sampling). Nor am I suggesting that I personally find any of these paraphilias “positive” or “negative” — just that they, among many, many other sexual fixations, exist.

There are several paraphilias that -acted upon- are, of course, illegal. But many, if not most, fall into strictly the realm of fantasy. We live in a society where normatives –and especially sexual normatives– are part of a larger concern about repression and shame. An article I read yesterday about prosecuting for thought crimes is what brought the subject to the surface, and caused me to stop and write a little bit about various things people get off on. For the complete entry about this topic, please feel free to visit my personal blog entry on paraphilias.