World of Sex Education

Hi there! Welcome to the World of Sex Education!

I'm Dr. Denise Alvarado-Wirtz, and the purpose of this website is to promote, encourage, inspire, and to develop resources (that will be available both online and hard copy) for parents, teenagers, and sex educators.

While this website, formerly known as Weird Sex Ed, is under construction, the WSE blog is continuously updated -- and the 2018-2019 projects are fully under way. Please follow Weird Sex Ed Blog to stay updated.

Important note about this website and its eventual contents (including the blog) – If you are in search of graphic sexual content of a pornographic or erotica nature, you're in the wrong place. This is not a site intended with those purposes in mind. I have no problem with those areas of sexuality in any way; however, this site's intended purposes are educational, with a focus on exploring areas where human sexuality intersects with other facets of human experience, and the eventual aim of creating a useful comprehensive, sex-positive resource that is easy to access and understand.

Warm Regards,