So far…

So far, I’ve gotten some great feedback here, and am enjoying the thoughts that are being shared.

I’m grateful for people who take the time to write thoughtful comments in the surveys, and via email. Thank you! I do not (and will not) post comments that have been shared via email and in the surveys — not directly anyway. I will share comments in the context of a topic presented, but only generically, because I respect that when people offer those thoughts, especially on topics that are sensitive, anonymity is preferred. So I won’t ever put any individual “on the spot” by singling them out personally.

So far, the feedback I’ve gotten has given some pause…food-for-thought style…and I always appreciate that. For today, I’m not going to dig in heavily or deeply. I will just put this thought out there for your consideration.

In my estimation, from what I’ve thus far shared, and from the feedback thus far received, I am not seeing any area of public discourse -in terms of social conventions- that cannot be linked back in some way to sex education and the need for parents to be educated better in this area.

I think, in my next entry (Wednesday), I am going to open up a little bit of my own personal history in the area of sex education, and my own parents’ approach with me, what I learned in school (as well as what I didn’t learn in school), what would have been useful to have learned from someone, regardless of whether from home or from school…and how those things are still relevant today.


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